Beauty and the Origins of Electrophysiology, Telecommunication to Global Theater

Origins Electrophysiology.jpg

A story that starts with beauty and weaves its definition with emotional feeling, taste, the galvanic cell, electrophysiology, the telephone, re-tribalization and the Omega Point. Lambert’s, Hume’s and Sulzer’s ideas about taste, pleasure and beauty have contributed to the origins of psychophysiological thought, and to the origins of electrophysiology. Methods developed by Galvani and Volta establish basis for the fields of electrophysiology and electrical telecommunications.

Human nervous system extension was realized with the development of the telephone in 1876. Electricitymoving inside the body could now directly mediate the flow of electricity outside the body, at an equivalent bit rate. At this transformative, technology-driven juncture, the body’s real-time nervous system components for speech and hearing were capable of being physically extended to great distances.

Real-time, human nervous system extension technologies became tightly synchronized with power generation and transmission abilities. Extremely rapid human population growth and energy consumption was coincident.

Presented by: Alan Macy