Hacking Reality

Hacking Reality.jpg

Rob will present results of various experimental/experiential investigations into Reality Hacking, Including :

  • Discovering the Ground of Being,

  • A Low Cost ($120) tDCS Meditation Hack,

  • Hacking Relaxed Attention and Focus using an effective low cost Neurotropic

  • Gamma

    • Finding Optimal tACS Gamma Stimulation Frequencies using a low cost (<$5) simple method of providing Whole Brain Stimulation using 2 x Z3s,

    • Experiences of Infra Red Gamma Stimulation, using a low cost (<$250) self-built fully programmable Whole Brain Infra-Red Stimulator,

  • Hacking Trigeminal Neuralgia with Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Ultrasound,

  • Experiment to Optimally Extend Telomeres and Aortic Pulse Rate Velocity reduction using an Intention Cloud Based self-developed Qi Gong,

  • Experiment to improve clients’ EEG using Intention and a Unique Neurofeedback/Qi Gong Protocol,

  • Low cost (<$500) Float Tank Hacks,

  • Early experiments with Neuronal Cultures (Human Neurons grown from stem cells in an Electrode Array Petri Dish) at the University of Trondheim Norway, which Rob is carrying out as part of his Phd Research at the University of York UK.

Presented by Rob Lenzie