Genetics, EEG and Self-Knowledge

Genetics, EEG, Self-Knowledge.jpg

This session will be divided into a beginning, middle and end. The beginning will be an introduction of seven genes and the significance of their variations. The content will be presented in the context of case histories. EEG spectral graphs will be presented along with figures of theta to alpha, and theta to beta, and theta to gamma ratios for each person. For each person, pre and post data is available. In the middle of the session, Alexandra will pay attention to these changes in each of the EEGs. Each person’s most relevant genetic variant will be shared as it relates to one of the seven genes presented in the beginning. Finally, therapy and training will be summarized. Alexandra will share the dynamics of symptom reduction and self-knowledge as they occurred for each person.  The Brief Affective Neuroscience Personality Scale will be discussed. Genetics as a biomarker to predict response to neurostimulation will be discussed.

Presented by: Lexi Linardakis